Why Prefer Zinc Glycinate Over Zinc Sulphate?

WHY ZINC IS NECESSARY? Zinc is an essential micronutrient required by all animals. A lack of it in the feed can have serious consequences, such as decreased feed intake, decreased growth, impaired immune function, and decreased fertility in the animals. In the past, trace elements were added to the feed in the form of inorganic […]


Organic Trace Minerals for Cattle Feed- Essential Nutrients

Organic Trace Minerals for Cattle Feed- Essential Nutrients Organic trace minerals play a vital role in the poultry industry and the metabolic well-being of animals. Trace minerals are added to animal feed to improve its quality. They are made by connecting minerals to organic molecules such as polysaccharides and amino acids and are referred to […]


Preserved Baking With Calcium Propionate

Calcium propionate is a common bread and meat preservative that works by suppressing the growth of mould and other microorganisms, therefore extending the shelf life of food. It also provides nutritional benefits as it possesses calcium as a source. Calcium propionate is a preservative that can be combined with propionic acid and sodium propionate in […]