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Zinc EDTA offered is available in from of white powder with CAS No of 14025-21-9 and molecular weight of 436.0. Also coming with molecular formula of c10h12n2o8zn. Na2. 2h2o, it is available in form of clear solution with solubility in water and Ph (5% solution) of 5.5 – 8.0. With application as micronutrient, it has assay (min) of 12. 0 % zn and has high demand in the market because of its pure constitution. Offered at competitive prices, we can make the product available in desired packaging options as per international standards.

Zinc EDTA is used in agriculture to prevent zinc deficiency in plants. Unlike zinc sulfate, it is highly water soluble therefore readily available for plants to absorb.
Chelated Zinc EDTA fertilizer is compatible with other fertilizers and nutrients, it is available for plants at a wider range of pH levels. In addition to being highly water soluble, Chelated Zinc EDTA holds onto trace elements thus preventing precipitation with other components.

Applications of Zinc EDTA

Storage: Store in cool and dry place.