VegNutro-Sol VITAMIN-D2

VegNutro-Sol VITAMIN-D2

VegNutro-Sol (Vitamin-D2) is in powder form containing 4000IU per gram D2 activity. It has good bioavailability thanks to its naturally encapsulated form. It is inside the dried vegetable cells to bypasses the degrading digestive system of the body. Eventually during the passage through intestine proteolytic enzymes rupture the cell wall to make the vitamin available.

Advantages of VegNutro-Sol (Vitamin-D2)


  • VegNutro-Sol (Vitamin-D2) is fully miscible/dispersible in fruit juice, curd/yogurt and other recipes.


  • VegNutro-Sol (Vitamin-D2) is sensitive to air, heat, light and humidity.
  • Store at a temperature below 15°C.

Packing Size

  • 2 Kg BOPP laminated bag with polythene liner.