BakeFresh Calcium Propionate

BakeFresh Calcium Propionate

Category: Food Grade

BakeFresh Calcium propionate is a calcium salt of propionic acid. It is commonly used as a food additive to preserve various food products. BakeFresh extends the shelf life by interfering with the growth and reproduction of molds and other microorganisms. It maintains the nutritive value of food products and can be used in extending the shelf life of food.

BakeFresh Calcium Propionate Uses:

  • BakeFresh is widely used in bread and other bakery products to prevent mold growth and rope formation and to extend the shelf life.
  • BakeFresh serves as an excellent calcium supplement.
  • It is used in baked goods, cheeses, confections, frostings, jams or jellies.

Advantages of BakeFresh

Dosage: 0.2-0.7% flour weight.
Storage: Store in cool and dry place.
Packing Size: 20 Kg BOPP laminated bag with polythene liner.